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Origin of St Anne's (The Home of Compassion)

The Sisters known as The Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion came from New Zealand at the invitation of the late Bishop Fox in 1940, to open the first home in the order of The Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion on the Australian mainland which was to be in Broken Hill . Their purpose was to take over the local Convent of Mercy Orphanage in Lane Street.  Several months later, a cottage in Eyre Street, South Broken Hill was purchased, and on the 11th February 1941, 21 girls from the former Orphanage, conducted by the sisters of compassion, were transferred to the new premises. Later the same year, a large brick home in Piper Street built for the late Mr.J.Hebbard in 1902 situated at the rear of the original house in Eyre Street, was purchased where the three Sisters and the children moved.

In 1944 another two sisters arrived to enable the Eyre Street home to be officially opened to admit twelve chronically ill ladies. A neighboring cottage became available in 1951, which meant the Sisters then had three buildings on four and a half acres of land. This house was annexed to the Women's home by an oratory and treatment/drug room: thus making provision for ten elderly gentlemen patients. On the 1st of June 1953, the first gentleman was admitted.

As time went by it was evident that the demand for chronically ill and aged person's beds was far in excess of the 22 available. A Broken Hill Apexian project made it possible to build for 51 patients and this present home was opened in August 1967. In March 1975, the outdated girls living quarters gave way to a modern 30 bed Home financed from money raised by the St Anne's Home Auxiliary. This new chapel is now the completion of the complex. Being annexed by walkways to the convent and home, a divisional therapy room has been completed on the home end of the annex, formerly a spacious fernery.

Finance for the day to day running of the home was made available by the, people of Broken Hill and by a Federal Government subsidy. The public, service clubs and charitable organisations support it generously, both financially and with gifts of produce and other items.

The order of the Sisters of Compassion catered for the sick and the dying, in a catholic organisation, but it must be stressed that the nuns help all, no matter what their race or religion. For this reason the people of Broken Hill have found a special place in their hearts for the nuns and the St Anne's Home of Compassion.


In April 1977, the first group of cottages in the Con Crowley Memorial Village was opened. The Knights of the Southern Cross had built these Southern Cross homes.


In the late 1950's it was recognised among a number of returned servicemen and RSL officials that a need existed for accommodation for certain former servicemen. A meeting was held in early 1959 that eventually resulted in the building of the War Veterans Home in Thomas Street. Weather conditions marred the official opening of the home on October 6, 1962 for it was a gusty day and dust blew, but still several hundred turned out for the opening of the War Veterans Home.