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Who are the Knights of the Southern Cross ?

The Knights of the Southern Cross (KSC) are a National organisation of Catholic laymen banded together under a charter approved by the Catholic Bishops of Australia. Their history and traditions date back to 1919 in Sydney when the Knights were founded to improve the economic well being and standing of Catholics in the community. Today the knights charter is much the same although their emphasis is now directed towards instilling and maintaining Christian values throughout Australia. Membership is open to all Catholic men over the age of 18.

Objects of the Knights of the Southern Cross:

Education and support of Catholic Priests:

Each year in the capital cities throughout Australia the Knights conduct the Catholic Men's Dinner to raise funds to assist in the education and support of seminarians. This popular event attracts many participants each year and is a most successful fundraiser.

Southern Cross Homes:

A major charitable activity of the Knights is the operation of Southern Cross Homes providing aged care services in nursing homes, hostels, independent living units and through home care packages.

Mission Statement

"To evidence the love of Christ in promoting an awareness of the value of residents and by providing high quality residential accommodation and care/support services for residents within a Christian environment which enhance dignity, purpose and meaning in the lives of those who choose to use our services."


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